Artists Behind the Business......
Rachel Brame


Rachel prefers working in mediums of pen and ink, as well as acrylic paint. The wide scope of her subject matter ranges from various experiments in pattern design, graffiti & cartoons, as well as to studying oceanic & marine life, fossils, plants, & ancient cultures. "Using bright color & contrast, drawing heavily with elements of pattern design; I explore a variety of subjects within nature, science, & international culture."

Rachel received her Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree from USF in 2012. 

She creates art and frames for clients, designed the cover art for several book publications, & artistically collaborated on a variety of published earth science educational posters.




Roderic Brame


Dr. Brame is an advocate for underrepresented groups & his students are inspired through integrating fine arts into the teaching of science. His vision is to provide an education that is meaningful, motivating, intellectually developing, & encouraging to All students.

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Other Talented Afilliate Artists

Hanna Brame

Hannah has intense passion for color & nature. She's developed a truely organic & innovative style. From textiles to drawing & paining to sculpture; her talent extends outward in many diciplinary projects.  She has been an artist & creative thinker since she was a very tiny person.   Her community values & care for others always lead her to advocate for diversity & collaboration. Hannah graduated from University of Ohio Athens in 2011 with a degree in Geology & in 2013 with a graduate degree in Geology/Paleontology.


Karl Burnham

As a talented Photographer from Northern Virginia, Karl captures introspective scenes in nature & documents the ever changing growth & development around him. His passion for photography is strong & he continues taking pictures at every opportunity.